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What to expect at your first Nutritional Therapy Appointment

What to expect 

Nutritional Therapy appointments can be in person, or online. At your initial assessment, I will take a detailed account of your symptoms, medical history, stressors and lifestyle. I’ll put some pieces of the jigsaw together and from there I will be able to make some basic achievable recommendations to get you started. You will then receive a detailed report, and depending on what I believe is appropriate, I may recommend:

Functional tests,
Nutritional supplements
Diet and lifestyle changes 

To see your GP

You will have the opportunity to ask any questions and we’ll work together to ensure that you are comfortable with, and committed to, the next steps.


After your appointment, I will be busy working behind the scenes, ensuring that the information I provide you with is as up to date as possible and backed by scientific papers. Sometimes this can take many hours, but it is all included in the cost of the appointment. 

I have private online facilities to make your life as easy as possible, providing meal plans and shopping lists if required, and a base for all the information that we need to share with each other so that it can be found easily.

Ultimately, we need to work as a team, and we both need to be fully committed. 

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