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Vasculature of the Heart

What to expect at your first fascia focused bodywork appointment.

What to expect 

You will be welcomed into a warm, inviting and relaxing space, surrounded by countryside.
I will spend some time listening to what has happened to your body and find out what brought you to me, including a detailed medical history dating back to birth.

I will check that it is safe to work with your body and make a general physical assessment.
You will remain fully clothed throughout the process


I will explain the principles of how our bodies work under tension and compression, and that the methods I use are based on these principles, which means that the area of your body that I work on, may not be the area that you are experiencing symptoms.

I will use techniques to assess the speed of reaction of key muscles in order to identify the areas of your body that need attention most.
I will use my understanding of the fascia to encourage and remind your body where it can relax and release some of the tension it is holding unnecessarily.


You may experience an emotional release, this is not unusual and it is recognised that our bodies can store emotions. I use techniques to assist with muscle memory and recommend movements that I feel may be appropriate for you to practise at home. 


Freshly filtered water is available at all times
Toilet facilities are en-suite.

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