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Trees in Winter

Fascia Focused Bodywork

Combing Modern Science with Ancient Wisdom

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Why the fascia, and what is it? 

The fascia is a newly understood, scientifically accepted three-dimensional network of highly adaptive connective tissue that interweaves the body at a cellular level; this includes bones, organs, muscles, blood vessels and more. It is most clearly visible as the semi￾translucent sheath around and throughout pieces of meat, such as a lamb joint. The continuity of it’s structure throughout the body, means that if one part of the body moves, the rest of the body adapts and responds accordingly. This means that any injury or previous surgery can create physical restrictions, which may limit movement in a completely different part of the body due to adaptations via the fascia in response to the original problem. 

Fascia Focused Body Work is an innovative approach to pain resolution. I have studied, and continue to 
study, various forms of fascia focused bodywork, which combines 21st century science of how the body moves, adapts and responds to it’s environment, with ancient knowledge from around the world that has been passed through the 
generations. I have combined all my studies to create a unique and personalised approach to symptoms of pain which has provided help to people with complex issues who thought that they had no other option but to live with their pain, or resort to surgery.

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Trees in Winter


Our bodies constantly send us signals; if we are too hot, we know to stand in the shade or take a layer of clothes off; If we are too cold, we know to put an extra jumper on or create a warmer environment. We have lost the art of knowing what our body is trying to tell us when it is in pain, but given the right environment, patience, cooperation and trust, I have noticed that the body tries to restore it’s own health and then the symptoms of pain go away. Not all conditions can be resolved and there are no guarantees as to how each body will respond. Contact me to discuss your case.

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