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Nutrigenomics Testing


Nutrigenomics is the latest advancement in nutrition science. We now understand that different genes are affected by the food that we eat. Information about our genes can assist me to resolve a missing piece of your health jigsaw puzzle or provide a preventative, proactive and personalised health protocol. 
This is not about informing ourselves that we have genes that relate to specific diseases,
like the ‘breast cancer’ gene. We can use our genetic information to influence our bodies responses by increasing or decreasing specific foods and nutrients or changing our lifestyle habits, including; sleep, stress, physical activity and other environmental factors such as smoking or other pollutants. 


Understanding your personal genotype can help to identify which lifestyle changes could be most effective for you as an individual. I am a BANT registered Nutrigenetics Counsellor which means that I have been trained to look at the results of genetic profiles at a deeper level and consider the way that the individual genes work together and affect each others responses. With this information, I can create a proactive and preventative approach towards optimising your health.

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