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Client Testimonals

Client Testimonals

"After 18 months of intense pain in my wrist and no relief after numerous GP and hospital visits, I tried Amatsu Therapy with Lesley.  After one visit, my wrist gives me no problems.  I am now a firm believer in Lesley and Amatsu Therapy and cannot thank her enough."
 Karen C, Great Bookham

"Over a year of pain killers and disturbed nights, followed by many physio sessions with little result, I thought I would never lose the stiffness in my neck.  Lesley patiently and gently worked her 'magic'.  I now sleep well and no longer need to take painkillers - wonderful!"

Noelle C, Normandy

"I feel like I've got my mojo back!"
Brian H, Milford

"Following a motorcycle accident, I have lived for years with back pain and difficulty walking.  Having seen Lesley on a regular basis, I am able to walk properly, my back pain has gone, I have more energy and a new-found body awareness."
Ann B, Guildford

"A truly holistic approach focused on unearthing the root cause rather than dealing with the symptoms"
Richard G, Ash

"I had ongoing ankle, knee and lower back pain which I accepted as something I just had to live with.  Thanks to Lesley, I now walk normally and sit for longer without pain"

Barrie B, Guildford

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"Lesley was recommended to me by a friend.  Her explanation of Amatsu coupled with her approach and manner, appealed to me straight away.  I felt the effects of my treatment afterwards and the way Lesley worked on areas that you didn't think were connected, was very enlightening!  Lesley takes the time to explain, which I find very helpful and interesting.  She's very honest about what needs to be done and is so very generous with her help and advice to help you out, even when lockdown meant she couldn't practice.  Definitely worth seeing Lesley!"
Rameeza R, West Byfleet

"I can't recommend Lesley enough.  She is kind, knowledgeable and understanding.  She works through treatments for your ailments, and after a full treatment you feel so different and pain free.  Amatsu is a natural treatment so no medication is taken.  Lesley has helped me in so many ways and I can't thank her enough.  I would recommend Lesley and her work to anyone.  Don't delay, call her today"

Denise I. Normandy

"After many years of visiting an osteopath to address ongoing lower back weakness, I have been seeing Lesley for a few months now and I can honestly say I feel like a new person.  I feel so much stronger and my posture and overall physiology is much improved.  I have been so impressed with this therapy.  It looks at the body as a whole, is gentle, but definitely not to be underestimated.
Lesley is so knowledgeable in her field and she now knows my body better than I do.  As well as addressing your pain, she will endeavour to find and treat the source of it.
Be prepared for an in-depth consultation prior to your initial therapy session.  If she doesn't think she can help you she will tell you.  I cannot recommend Lesley as an Amatsu Practitioner enough."
Michelle B.  West Byfleet

"I had seen my GP 4+ years ago complaining about back pain, a stiff shoulder and neck, plus a puffy right ankle and painful left knee.  I felt like I was falling apart and I was only 60 and relatively active.  My doctor was quite dismissive and sent me off to have Physio, but told me it was old age and I would get used to it.  After 20 Physio sessions I felt worse.  I then tried a chiropractor who attached me to a tens machine, and after 5 sessions I felt no better and very sore.  I felt quite depressed.  I was having a good moan to a friend who told me about Lesley and I thought I'd try anything as I wasn't prepared to give up or 'grow old gracefully'.  Well I felt so much better after my first session and could actually put my arms behind my back for the first time in years!!  The pain slowly eased and Lesley explained how all my aches and pains came about.  It all made sense and was totally logical.  Lesley is passionate about her Amatsu Therapy and very thorough and caring.  I cannot recommend her enough and she is worth her weight in gold."

Francesca B, Bracknell

Following a severe fall onto my left hip I suffered severe femoral nerve damage that initially physiotherapists tackled but without success & therefore I was referred to the hospital. Normal pain medication had no effect. Meanwhile in severe pain on just standing and barely walking 10 minutes maximum a nurse friend recommended Amatsu by Lesley. As a nurse myself I naturally did my research but Amatsu felt like an avenue that I wanted to explore & signed up to Lesley, initially for her 7 week program.
After 10 sessions my nerve pain has gone & I have been able to return to work (long shifts) and have also gained my life back. When your life is dominated by pain it is both mentally and physically exhausting and Lesley has been able to restore my equilibrium. In consequence I do not now need the hospitals input or the suggested lumbar injections, as Amatsu’s  natural and non-invasive form of therapy has placed my body back in its rightful place. I can highly recommend Lesley as she has used her knowledge and skills to greatest effect; on my whole body not just the hip and leg affected. I may be in the medical profession but this form of therapy has broadened my horizons and I would not hesitate to seek Lesley’s advice rather than just the conventional route. I am truly grateful to Lesley.



I had been suffering from two very stiff and painful shoulders and a painful thumb for over a year, when someone recommended Lesley to me. She has been working her magic on me for quite a few weeks now and I'm now well on my way to recovery thanks to her. I have thoroughly enjoyed the process and learned a lot about my body and how everything is connected. I would have no problem recommending Lesley to anyone who thinks they might have to live with pain and discomfort. I now don't believe that is true. 
Phil Wright


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