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Client Testimonals

Client Testimonals

I can't recommend Lesley enough to anyone looking to improve their nutrition and overall health. She is incredibly passionate and knowledgeable and has helped me understand how I can optimise my wellbeing on numerous occasions, including during my pregnancy and postpartum, and now with my young baby too.

In addition to that she is a very empathetic person whose positive attitude amazes and reassures me. Thank you Lesley for your continued support.

Sarah H

I have been having problems with my gut for many years and I went to Lesley for help as my GP and the NHS did not seem to be able to satisfactorily identify and treat my issues. After various tests and consultations with my GP, I was told that no issues could be found. More recently, I have also been having brain fog issues, which again my GP could not find any diagnosis. 

Lesley is a naturally kind and caring person and will leave no stone unturnerd in order to find answers to what is going on. She will always go the extra mile and will not leave you feeling like you are making a fuss over nothing. Lesley has recommended a few tests over the time I have been seeing her and they have proved invaluable sources that have helped point us in the right direction. We have also looked at my diet and how a few changes, could make a big difference to my issues. 

My diet is more healthy, and together with various supplements, I am definitely on the mend. Without her, I would still be feeling ill and not knowing why. Am eternally grateful.

Andrew B, Guildford

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After struggling with my weight for many years I needed a new approach and to change my attitude from saying I was ‘dieting’ to having a more positive mindset about my health and weight. With Lesley’s guidance, support and encouragement she has helped me to help myself by introducing supplements and different food choices to achieve my health goals. In doing so I have lost weight, feel better physically, mentally and emotionally.
For the first time in my life I feel more in control of my eating. Things that I used to consider as being a ‘treat’ I no longer enjoy in the same way – never thought I’d say that! I still go out for meals and have a few drinks but I now have the ability to get back to my healthier food choices without hesitation as I feel so much better now I am eating this way.

Sue E, Guildford

I went to see Lesley at a very low point in my life, when I had zero energy to do anything other than function.  It turns out that I was severely depleted in certain vitamins and minerals, as a result of a previous illness.

After a comprehensive review of my symptoms and blood test results, she made recommendations for supplements that addressed those issues which has led to a significant improvement in my wellbeing.  I thoroughly recommend Lesley, as the service she provides goes far beyond anything available via the NHS or in my experience, elsewhere!

Angela A, Farnham

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