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Lesley Backhurst

I am a fully qualified, registered and accredited Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Nutrigenetics Counsellor. In addition, I am a fully qualified Amatsu Anma and Seitai Practitioner, with further training in other modalities that also work with the fascia to realign the body, which in turn, helps to relieve pain and increase vitality.I don’t think I will ever tire of watching peoples lives change for the better, a huge tick for job satisfaction! 

Like many others in this profession, I started finding out about how incredible our bodies are, when mine wasn’t working properly! Despite always having had an interest in good nutrition and healthy habits, I have suffered from various ailments since my mid twenties; including digestive issues, chronic back/pelvic pain, fibromyalgia, endometriosis, hormone induced 
migraines, simple cystic hyperplasia, estrogen dominance, thyroid issues and gall bladder issues.

Prescription medicines made me feel worse, but the NHS couldn’t offer me any other options. I was in pain, exhausted and feeling powerless, and I wanted to know why I had all of these problems, so I looked for answers. I found confusing and conflicting information and 
didn’t know who to trust, or which solution was the right one. Finally, I discovered that there was no single solution, there was no one-size fits all, and if I wanted to find my personal solution, I would have to spend hours and hours researching medical journals and listening to podcasts, to gain tiny snippets of information that I pieced together like a jigsaw. 

By this time I was a carer for my father who had had a stroke and hip surgery and his walking was limited to a short distance with a frame, his will to regain his former self was second to none, so although I had no training or experience, I supported him with daily exercise and massage and we ate a good balanced diet. Incredibly, his body started repairing and eventually he was able to walk for a mile, with just one stick to balance him. At the same time, my sister, who has now sadly passed away, cheated her death sentence by ten years, by transforming her diet and lifestyle, after being advised that she only had about three years to live and that there was nothing anyone could do for her.

One day, I watched Dr Chatterjee’s BBC television programme ‘Doctor in the House’, it was at that moment that I realised that there was something that I could do, to help other people that were suffering from chronic pain and illnesses, and ensure that  they were not left feeling as uninformed and powerless as my sister and I. So I started training and haven’t stopped since!

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I am fascinated by the ability of our amazing human bodies to mend and repair itself, given the right conditions. As a society, I believe that we don’t give our bodies enough credit, we tend to take them for granted, but we really are amazing, and the more I discover, the more I want to find out.


As science is rapidly advancing, more and more unique and in depth information is being revealed, and it has become my vocation to try and keep up with it. Some might say I am addicted to it! But the most important thing to me is to spread the word and empower and support anyone that is interested in improving or regaining their health.

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