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Getting Started

Amatsu is about finding the root cause.  

It's a longterm health investment, not a quick fix!

Most of my clients stay with me for regular appointments even though their pain has subsided.

To get started, we discuss your individual needs, and together we commit to a minimum of 7 appointments and book them in advance, one week apart.

Initial Appointment

£150  (approx 2 hours)

Pay as you go

£100  (approx 1 hour)

Discounted Bundle

6 Sessions for £550

For regular clients that want a quick top up between appointments or regularly (at least every 4 weeks) want something more comparable to my peers.  This is a 30 minute maximum, conveyor belt style appointment, no niceties, no chat, no in depth assessments or deeper understanding of what is going on in your body, but an affordable quick option for those that want it.


Basic Pelvic Balance

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