I take time to listen to you

I am a fully qualified Amatsu Anma Practitioner, Amatsu Seitai Practitioner and a 4th year BSc Nutritional Therapist Student.

Inspired by Dr Chatterjee, I value every minor detail. I build a picture of what has been happening to your body over the years and aim to understand the series of events that brought you into my treatment room.  I focus more on why you have the condition, than what the condition is.  I am interested in what you eat and drink as well as what stressors your mind and body has had to deal with.

I look for the root cause

I look for the root cause of symptoms of aches and pains and aim to resolve them by realigning and balancing the body.  

I understand

I have personal experience of sciatica and severe back pain.  I have experienced the disappointment when medical professionals could manage my symptoms, but couldn't take the problem away.  

I understand that everyone is unique with unique circumstances and that many people need a unique and personalised approach to relieving their condition.

I trust the modern evidence based research that values diet and lifestyle changes as a method of restoring optimal health