Amatsu Therapy

I am a fully qualified Amatsu Anma Practitioner and Amatsu Seitai Practitioner.

I look for the root cause of symptoms of aches and pains and aim to resolve them by realigning and balancing the body.

Amatsu Therapy is a light touch soft tissue therapy which works with the fascia.

Amatsu works with the body, so it is a gentle but effective therapy.

Amatsu Practitioners regard the body as a whole, with interconnections between the structural, emotional and chemical parts of the body. For example, if you have a pain in your knee, we acknowledge the pain as a symptom which may or may not be related to the knee.

Amatsu therapy is based on ancient Japanese body balancing techniques which works with body meridians, acu-pressure points and natural body movement.  It is different to standard Western physical therapies because we do not have specific techniques for individual body parts, we consider how the entire body is interconnected and how a disruption in one area can have knock on affects around the body.

Amatsu Therapy is a complimentary therapy that harnesses the bodies innate ability to repair itself.

All clients are treated fully clothed.

Once balance and alignment are achieved, a monthly maintenance session is a good health investment.